Cycles rendering issue

Hello all,

I’ve run into an issue with cycles 2.62 which I’m trying to work out what to do, but can’t :eek:

as a “viewport rendered” view, my viewport renders fine, as normal… But the minute I try and do an image render (500 passes…), I get a black view which doesn’t render which looks as follows:

any tips/hints as to what may be causing this?


Hi christaylor,

The only time I’ve had with Cycles when I get a blank screen in the actual final render is when I’m running on GPU and I run out of memory (1GB on mine), or on a few occassions memory seems to be a bit fragmented and nothing appears in the render when I hit F12 - in that case I’ve just re-loaded blender and it rendered fine then. :wink:

You could always ask this in the technical support section, you might get more info there :wink:

I might do that then, as it does the same thing in gpu/cpu and after a computer reboot and reinstallation of Blender… (yes, I’m thorough :D)

in “post processing” I had “sequencer” checked, and since unchecking this it seems to work properly! thanks anyway!