Cycles Rendering Passes for Animation

Hi, been looking for a way to make a batch action for render passes in blender (like maya and 3dsmax have) but havent found a way to do this.

Is there a way to render all passes at the “same” time and being saved in independant files? Im starting to think there is no option yet since cycles is so new atm :frowning:

looking forward for an answer, take care :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what you are after is renderlayers…

Multilayer EXRs will save all renderlayers / passes in one file, if you want separate files, use the compositor with the file output node.

hmm i guess i can give it a try, tho i dont like that kind of file becuase it uses way too much HDD space. Also i dont like either the blender compositor, mainly because im quite new to these features. I would like to use After effects, and having png’s would be better i think. I can be wrong tho.

Thanks for the reply

Can you maybe use the File Output node attached to your passes, one for each pass? Not sure if the output will be desirable since some passes are not antialiased, but maybe this could work.

You may want to check out this script also:

You dont need one fileoutput node per pass… you can output multiple files at once using one file output node… just make sure its not set to multilayer exr, and you should be fine, just add multiple inputs to the file output node using the node preferences…

thanks for all the answer guys :slight_smile: will give a look to every answer closely