Cycles rendering problem

Hey guys,

I’m affraid this is one of those “the new guy needs help” thread. :slight_smile:

I’ve been modeling with blender for about 3 month now and am currently working on this 1976 BMW CSL 3.0 for Assetto Corsa. While rendering I came across this weired problem.

I implemented the doors and the trunk with a simple bevel -> extrude inwards -> bevel the edges method. After that my renders look like this:

The doors look like there not even part of the car and the reflections are way off.

But when I render them in 3D view it looks like this:

Totaly fine with a nice (but not perfect) flow and good reflections.

Here is the mesh structure:

I tried to solve the problem myself (checked for doublicates, recalculated the normals, changed materials and lightning, turned the sharp edges on and off) but my blender knowledge is quiet limited.

I hope you guys can help me.


Many modifiers have different settings (levels, on/off etc.) for viewport (“View” / eye symbol) and final render (“Render” / camera symbol). Make sure all of those settings are consistent…