Cycles Rendering Test - Thoughts?

Looking for some input regarding the attached image. It was rendered in cycles with 2000 samples, but still seems to have quite a bit of noise in the liquid. I’d appreciate some thoughts and input as to why that may be. With that many samples, surely it’s something I am or am not doing to ensure a better render. Any other critiques or suggestions regarding modeling, texturing etc are appreciated. Thanks for the insights.

I`m not sure, but may be blender lacks light. It doesn’t want to fake things and says - or you add light, or it takes you another night to have this sand out of the frame

I would first start to adjust the glass. Probably you used the default glass material in Cycles with the default colour. The default white is not at full brigthness though, which causes this grey glass. I would recommend to use a completely white colour for the glass.

Thanks folks, I’ll give those suggestions a try and see how it shapes up. I’ll post the results. I appreciate the time and ideas!