cycles - rendering, video "motion" - making small video how to do it without fireflie


I am trying to do a fly through of a retail like setting in cycles - as it’s better looking than the internal engine - and yet I am unsure as to what settings to keep the fireflies down to a minimum.

If it helps any I am using Blender 2.69

Indoors? Either prepare to deal with very high sample values or place some manual bounce lights. Cycles is not the strongest tool for scenes lit primarily by indirect lighting. Aside from that, don’t use more bounces than are necessary, turn off caustics, play around with clamping, and use the multi-closure blur settings in the render panel. These are really the only remaining areas where you get fireflies in Cycles. Not to shill myself, but I have a whole training series on hunting down noise and fireflies on BlenderCookie that you might find helpful.

In fact, you need render farm for that, that is all. Cycles power is monte carlo apgorithm, and it have advantage over other methods (as in BI for example) only when number of bounces go high, 4+. Same time, that range of bounces make is unusable even on stills on current average hardware.

You can degrade Cycles to drect only light (min bounces=max boounces = 0) to get things almmost as fast as in BI, but you lose all that GI things. Get render farm, and biggest possible.

BTW, if you care about motion blut, do not forget to write “#frame” in “Seed” Integrator property.