Cycles renderings

Hello everyone!

I’m fairly new at Blender, I’ve been following a couple of tutorials from BlenderGuru, which are great btw.
So I’ve just downloaded two architecture images from fancycribs and tried to reproduce them in Blender.

So I tried this one first:

then, this other one:

And here are the final results using Blender and a bit of Photoshop once the image is rendered:

and the second scene:

All the textures have been taken from cgtextures.

Anyway I hope to get some critics from you guys!

Amazing! Great job I am at a loss for words.

hey thanks, much appreciated!
I’d rather be looking for some critics tho :slight_smile:

by the way, I forgot to mention that the background images are from flickr

Both of those are well done.

Excellent job. I can’t say much because I haven’t yet dived into cycles.

As far as your post, make the reference images smaller. In my browser at least, they take up the entire screen while the actual 3D renders are just thumbnails (even though you can click on them). It confused me for a second; I thought the reference images were the final results.

Really nice work! :smiley: … the stone walls on the first one is to glossy, and the texture looks kind of stretched.
The wood textures look… wall… they just don’t look good to me :smiley: lol If you look at the reference image the wood grain is not so small, and the wood is lighter :smiley:

The 2ed one is epic! But the wall seems a little crazy, if you look at the reference image you can see that the walls where not so… well… they did not have so much movement in them :smiley:

Great work!

thanks! yeah I don’t really like the first one either to be honest :slight_smile:
I should probably work further on it…

thx everyone for the tips!