[CYCLES] Renders are making parts of objects blurry!

I am rendering a character model of mine, specifically the clothing.
However for some reason parts of the mesh gets rendered very blurry.

belt part here is blurry on the right side.

does anyone know why this is?
I’m using OptixDenoiser btw

I’m pretty sure it’s the denoiser here, just try not to use it and you will have your answer… Sometimes you have to denoise every render pass and then combine them to have nicer results

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aaah that sucks, was hoping optix denoiser would be an absolute solution… guess not.

Try rendering at twice the resolution (4x more time) - it tends to help preserve details in the denoised areas, and you get to do a size reduction with sharpen to bring back details lost to pixel filter. Keep in mind, without denoiser and acceptable results you’d have to do 10-100 times more samples (or some ridiculousness like that).

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Oh wow I did not know that.
I’m currently rendering at 2324x2324 at 300 samples, so i’ll just make it 4K and resize it later.
Using 3000samples is crazy though, but i might give it a try to see how long it will take to render.

Pre denoiser era I ran some projects at 20000 samples. I don’t know if this will work, but maybe try a non principled setup where you use slightly excessive bumps on diffuse, as it might trigger higher contrast on the normals used by the denoiser. I’m not sure.

Also you can try to change the pixel filter in the Film tab. I use 1.00px, it works better for me.

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