Cycles renders objects deep purple

I’m following this tutorial:

using blender 2.8 (win10 x64). At around 13:14, when a new material is created for the sphere, the sphere becomes deep purple if the output node is set to “Cycles”; for me it works with Eevee but later (14.30),. when clouds are added it fails (texture does not become transparent. Here are some screenshots:


Blender seems broken. Is there a fix for this; even restarting the project and setting “Cycles” early on leads to a purple render.

that color is here to tell you that a texture is missing

Sorry for adding the second image here; but as a new user I can only add one per post. Eevee renders fine:

No. The texture is definitely NOT missing (see second image).

in the first screenshot your shader is outputting for cycles but in the material tab there’s eevee setting showing up, make sure you’re set on cycles in the render setting

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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