( Cycles ) River node setup


Anyone has some good tips, tricks how to improve my shader?
In my opinion it has some black areas, but this is not from the normal / displacement map.
The water has some transparent parts ( because the main material is the ‘‘Glass Material’’ ).

The river is a simple plane, subdivided a bit, made some wrinkles and waves, but the water is overall smooth. ( Because i tried with ‘‘simple plane’’ too, and it’s ugly too )

I painted the vertexes at the coast/shore edge, and it has a lot more transparency. I tried to delete/change this value, but the problem is still there.

Thank you!

( Sorry for the 3 labeled boxes, i just tried this feature out: )

The texture doesn’t work for me, it should directionnal, now it looks like an ocean thing.

Thanks KWD!

I attached a Mapping Node, and stretched it a bit.
It’s better, but i have more ugly black parts. I have no idea what are those spots. There is no shadow or dark place under the water (plane), and i don’t have Ambient Occlusion. Also the sky emits a little light.

But thanks for you help, it looks more like a river now. A step forward.