Cycles ~ Running Shoe

I wanted to try making a shoe ad and this what I came up with. I hope you guys like it.
Made in Blender Cycles, 300 samples, work time about 10 hours.

I challenge you to find Suzanne!

(you can comment where you think the monkey is xD)


Looks nice :). The upper seam that connects the leather with the shoe looks a little bit strange though. It’s not straight and it doesn’t follow the edges. It’s like it has been made of a drunk seamstress.

(Answer: Left shoe, upper top of shoelace)

Thanks :slight_smile: You’re very correct about that seam though, the seamstress did some really bad work there xD

Wow this looks nice, though I think that the shoe ground looks funny as if it’s someone’s teeth, but it’s a pretty amazing work Can’t find Suzanne

@alf0 I just noticed that the shoes look like a crocodile xD

Well, here’s the AO render:

Yeah it as actually, and btw, where in the hell is the the monky

@alf0 look closely… left shoe, top shoelace. :wink:
This looks great icestorm. Aside from what’s already been mentioned, I think what might help is adding a bit more thickness to the leather. Also, the Blender logo seems too flimsy and more like an afterthought. I would try to fix it to the surface of the shoe more.

Great job altogether though!

Oh now I sow it, how silly I am, thanks @polygobbler :slight_smile:

@polygobbler Thanks a lot and you’re right. I really struggled with the Blender Logo and maybe adding some seams around it may have helped? I don’t really know. Good job finding it you guys.

Awesome! I really like the material tho.

Thanks a lot @Yudit1999 :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Yudit1999

Edit: Sorry for double post, it was an accident

I think you should past your own logo on this ad picture

really nice work, i love it.:stuck_out_tongue:

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