Cycles Samurai Sword

Here is my first try at the cycles render engine and realism in General, i think its good for my first try but please feel free to give tips on adding more realism as i probably will not make any changes to this photo but they will be helpfull for future projects :slight_smile:

Blade looks weird, like ceramic.

Modeling is good, but I think the reason the blade looks strange is because there isn’t much to reflect. For anything shiny it’s a good idea to use an HDRi map as the world texture.

With realism in mind, I imagine with only the single horizontal beam holding the sides, that the stand could possibly be a little wobbly. I’d be inclined to add 2 extra, smaller horizontal beams at front and back closer to bottom of the frame. Of course, if it is based on a real life object then I guess it is fine as is :slight_smile:

Thank You all for the Great feedback!!! :slight_smile: So since and HDRi wasn’t to big of a deal to add into it i added that and tweaked with the blades mat a little and here is another render :smiley: and once again feel free to Crit

Looks great, just needs maybe a sun lamp or other light source to give it some shadows. Besides that I think the perfect reflections looks kind of off, you could try a really low roughness like 0.01

Hmm. Needs something to reflect. Like a background. Right now looks like it could be made of glass or ice, because it’s just grey on grey.

My best advice would be to throw ‘katana’ (or wakazashi, whichever) into your Google search bar, find one that matches what you’d imagined, and then tweak it. One setting you’re going to want to fiddle with is Gloss.

Modeling looks fine.

Not bad

Katana Blade never one color surface. Its been folded over 1000 times in the process of making. You can map the blade with a proper texture and reflection map. There are a lot of reference online…have a look. That might add the realism to it.
Also…about reflection…its not a normal Mirror reflection…the only way to get that reflection is using nodes or assign some kind of chrome - brushed metal material properties to it. Same like you try to assign a mirror reflection to a tea spoon…it will never look right.

Also play with your camera a little… angle that you have at the moment does not do the trick and in some way hiding all the details. Your work can be ruined by the wrong camera angle.

Lighting is not too good either.

Take care