cycles scene debugging

Hi folks!

I got a huge scene with quite a lot of geometry, shaders, textures and so on.

My video ram (8gb) is starting to be short, so I would like to optimize the scene where possible, but due to its size it would be quite a long work to go search every texture and check the size and so on.

So my question is: is there a way to generate some kind of log of a render and see how the memory is being allocated? How much for geometry, how much for each texture? This way it would be super quick to see the most demanding things in terms of memory and work on those.

Thanks for the help!!

You could try the debug command line options:
Not sure if they help in this case though.

Thank you B.Y.O.B.

Should I put those command when launching the render from command line?

I found this Gsoc project which looks exactly like what I need
I never saw this project before, but I don’t know what’s the status… Does someone have info on it?