Cycles script - Material lib

Here is an experiment to pre define some cycles materials

this script will add a new panel at the bottom of the cycles main material panel


This is an addon to assist in learning cyles with some pre defined basic materials nodes set up and are not meant to be photorealist or for advance user materials.

how it works

for new material

2 situations

1- last selected object = active object has no mat
then it will add new mat to selected ob and it will be applied to all faces.
but if there are mat then it will add new mat but then you need to select this new mat and manualy assign faces to it!

2 - no selected ob
then it will add mat to the general mat list
so you then need to select an object select some faces and assign the new mat

World set up

it will add new world set up and select it
so when you render it will render with the new world added!

you can get some free HDRI map at this site

Apperance of material in your own scene
For materials added to your scene the look may differ from the renders i have shown in the different posts in this thread.
This is because it depends on the object shape the light set up and the world set up of your file!

happy cycles

here are the main categories for the main menu for materials

main menu

colormenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(

(‘1 General1’, ‘General1’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 Woods’, ‘Woods’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 Metals’, ‘Metals’, ‘The third item’),
(‘4 Plastics’, ‘Plastics’, ‘The fourth item’),
(‘5 Glass’, ‘Glass’, ‘The fifth item’),
(‘6 Gems’, ‘Gems’, ‘The sixth item’),
(‘7 Stones’, ‘Stones’, ‘The sevent item’),
(‘8 Car Paint’, ‘Car Paint’, ‘The eight item’),
(‘9 Fruit-Veget’, ‘Fruit-Veget’, ‘The nineight item’)

Futur pics , doc

Futur pics , doc3

futur pics doc 4

here i need nodes set up for different type of wood
wood menu

woodmenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(

(‘1 Oak1’, ‘Oak1’, ‘The first item’),
('2 ', ‘’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 tree Bark’, ‘Tree Bark’, ‘The Third item’),
('4 ', ‘’, ‘The Fourth item’),
('5 ', ‘’, ‘The Fith item’),
('6 ', ‘’, ‘The sixth item’)


here are the other menus

metalmenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Chrome’, ‘Chrome’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 Chromeglossy1’, ‘chromeglossy1’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 Zinc Plated’, ‘Zinc Plated’, ‘The third item’),
(‘4 Steel’, ‘Steel’, ‘The fourth item’),
(‘5 Copper’, ‘Copper’, ‘The fith item’),
(‘6 Copper oxydised’, ‘Copper oxydised’, ‘The sixth item’),
(‘7 Stainless Steel’, ‘Stainless Steel’, ‘The seventh item’),
(‘8 Gold’, ‘Gold’, ‘The eight item’),
(‘9 Brass1’, ‘Brass1’, ‘The ninth item’)

need some nodes for polycarbonate clear may be 1/2 glossy
need some good rubber

plasticmenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Plastic Matte’, ‘Plastic Matte’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 Plastic Glossy’, ‘Plastic Glossy’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 PVC’, ‘PVC’, ‘The Third item’),
(‘4 Polycarbonate’, ‘Polycarbonate’, ‘The Fourth item’),
(‘5 Acrylic’, ‘Acrylic’, ‘The Fith item’),
(‘6 Rubber’, ‘Rubber’, ‘The sixth item’)

glassmenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Glass1’, ‘Glass1’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 Glassemis1’, ‘Glassemis1’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 Glassrefract1’, ‘Glassrefract1’, ‘The Third item’),
(‘4 Glass4’, ‘Glass4’, ‘The Fourth item’),
(‘5 Glass5’, ‘Glass5’, ‘The Fith item’),
(‘6 Glass6’, ‘Glass6’, ‘The sixth item’)

need some different gems
like blue gem bresilia
green gem with some texture ect

gemmenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Diamond1’, ‘Diamond1’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 Diamond2’, ‘Diamond2’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 Ruby Red’, ‘Ruby Red’, ‘The Third item’),
(‘4 Emerald1’, ‘Emerald1’, ‘The Fourth item’),
(‘5 Sapphire’, ‘Sapphire’, ‘The Fith item’),
(‘6 Amethyst’, ‘Amethyst’, ‘The sixth item’),
(‘7 Topaz’, ‘Topaz’, ‘The seventh item’),
(‘8 Opal1’, ‘Opal1’, ‘The eight item’)

need some nodes for concrete
road may be
plaster i may have one

stonemenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Brick’, ‘Brick’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 Stone2’, ‘Stone2’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 Stone3’, ‘Stone3’, ‘The Third item’),
(‘4 Stone4’, ‘Stone4’, ‘The Fourth item’),
(‘5 Stone5’, ‘Stone5’, ‘The Fith item’),
(‘6 Stone6’, ‘Stone6’, ‘The sixth item’)

carpaintmenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Car1’, ‘Car1’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 Car aniso’, ‘Car aniso’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 Car2’, ‘Car2’, ‘The Third item’),
(‘4 Car Speks’, ‘Car Speks’, ‘The Fourth item’),
(‘5 carpaint5’, ‘carpaint5’, ‘The Fith item’),
(‘6 carpaint6’, ‘carpaint6’, ‘The sixth item’)

general1menu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Mix Dif Gloss’, ‘Mix Dif Gloss’, ‘The first item’),
('2 Normal ', ‘Normal MAp’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 Normal Tang’, ‘Normal Tang’, ‘The Third item’),
(‘4 Masking’, ‘Masking’, ‘The Fourth item’),
(‘5 wettging1’, ‘wettging1’, ‘The Fith item’),
(‘6 carpaint6’, ‘carpaint6’, ‘The sixth item’)

need other type of fruits
i might have some apple somewhere but not cetain if it can be ported to cycles
need some grape will loop at the wip thread

fruitvegetmenu1 = bpy.props.EnumProperty(items=(
(‘1 Tomato’, ‘Tomato’, ‘The first item’),
(‘2 fruit1’, ‘fruit1’, ‘The second item’),
(‘3 fruit2’, ‘fruit2’, ‘The Third item’),
(‘4 veget1’, ‘veget1’, ‘The Fourth item’),
(‘5 veget2’, ‘veget2’, ‘The Fith item’),
(‘6 veget3’, ‘veget3’, ‘The sixth item’)

added this other car mat from Comeinandburn


added the liquid mat from Comeinandburn


adding this car speks mat


Awesome work. I am tired of making my materials from scratch for each project I have. I would much rather start with a pre defined material and tweak it as needed.

Hi RickyBlender, that’s bizarre the node tree looks correct but the render looks odd. Here’s how the material looks on my machine.

That last pic is beautiful. I really need to learn how to do that.


i did no take the time to do 1000 samples only may be 30
and i set up the red cuboid in front to better see the reflections on model
i can work only on cpu sorry
and don’t forget the quality of pics here are reduce i think!

but i use same values from the nodes set up so from close inspection here i think it looks the same

be back with some more mat for gems later

did you get any new simple proc text for wood
i don’t have a lot of these would be nice to hae a few of these too !


added some simple general gems

happy bl


check the update list of mat

i need some more wood mat


got some typical glass


did a tree trunk mat texture
in this case the tree must be UV unwrap with a vertical seam


here are 2 other wood texture


added a barber pole texture