Cycles seamless texture without unwrap

Hi all,

I’m triying to texture an object without doing the UV unwrap, just changing the scale.
I would like to know if there is any way of apply a texture similar to 3d Max when you use the UVW unwrap modifier.

At the moment I’ve managed to use a Diffuse BSDF material with Mapping in Vector and Texture coordinate Generated inside the Vector Mapping (screenshot attached).
It works perfectly for plane surfaces, but it doesn’t work for volumes (like the boxes in the example).

Does anyone know how to archive this? (as I said, without Unwrap the object)

Hi all,

I found a thread with some different solutions.

The best one for me (and the one I’m using now) is the Box UVW Mapping Addon.

Just for the “noobs” like me, to install the addon you have to go to USER PREFERNCES, look at the bottom of the page where it says INSTALL ADDON and search for it. After that you should search for the new installed addon “Mesh: Sure UVW Map Addon v.02” and click on the little box in the right.

That’s it. Hope it helps!