cycles: separate images for each render pass

hi there!
i having troubles trying to make cycles to write one image for each render pass.
first i select all the passes i want for compositing such as glossy direct ligth, AO ,Z ,shadow and difusse,but after cycles finish rendering blender only writes one combined pass in my HardDisk.
Exr multilayered works fine, but i can´t make it work with .Png file format.
any advices?

Connect each render pass output to a File Output node, set location and output format.


SuperFast, thank you very much its working now.

i test it creating a file output module for each channel in separated folders and it works fine. also i made a test to place all the outputs in the same folder,but it only writes one of the output channels.
i there any option to allows blender autonamig the files ?.for example in vray when you select the different passes to render,vray separates each pass with a diferent name(example_difusse.png)

thank you very much and sorry about my english.

I don’t think there is an auto-naming system based upon input. One of the minor flaws. You have to set it all up your self.

Correct, I guess blender’s wasted 30 seconds of your life

thanks again, no problem im just moving to blender and im trying to put in order my old pipeline.

I also try to use blender and got same problem with reder passes. Thanks to all.