Cycles shading problem

hello. Today at work we noticed a strange problem with cycles shading when a bump, or displacement is active in the shader. we didn’t notice it before, but it looks quite bad.

The problem is that adding a texture (procedural, or image is not important) and use it as a bump creates a huge shading problem. The mesh is always rendered as if it would have “flat shading active”. On the border of the shadows is clearly visible this problem.

It happens in 2.65a and in 2.66a, with lamps and mesh emitters.

I attach a screen of the problem.

As I said, at work noone noticed this before. Is this a known problem? Is there any workaround or is it supposed to be fixed soon?


ups… didn’t see the topic! Thanks for the hint. Well, looks like brute force is the only way then… Thanks! :slight_smile: