Cycles: Shiny Blackness look, how this is done?

Ohell blender-errrrs.
How I make shiny blackness? I no get the blackness to shine at this point in time.
All other colors are incredible. Please you help me help you please, I mean thanks!

You mean black base material covered with tiny shiny dielectric layer? Use Mix node, Fresnel or LayerWeight node plug to Mix Fac input, glossy BSDF to color and black diffusion (of leave that input unplugged) to other mix input.

Here are some examples, it is in german but with pictures. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

Thanks to all! I’m still trying. I think I need more passes before I evaluate my settings, i’m on a slow laptop and i’m impatient.
I tried even adding a glass layer over the object to simulate a thin wax coating. Any thoughts anyone?