Cycles Shortcuts

Hi there,

This probably has been asked before. Is there a short cut to switch to view port render in cycles? I switch “out” of view port render mode by hitting “z”.

And what does one use to refresh the the textures in the viewport? Alt + R does not work in viewport :frowning:

Thanks a lot for your replies,


Create a new shortcut in the User Preferences / Interface.
Look at the current shortcut to change viewport shading and then just add a new one with a rendered option

The attached image shows Shift+Z switching between Shaded and Rendered


Thanks! Wasn’t aware of this at all :slight_smile: I’ll try this out now.

Hi, Shift+Z does not seem to work in my blender and where do you find this short cut configuration window? I am not able to find it in User Preference / Interface.


My sincere apologies! I found the short cut configuration window. I found it inside the Input tab.