Cycles stars !

i was searching for the stars panel for Cycles…

intuitively, i was searching into the “surface” menu…should be there or in the texture options…
after all, it’s a kind of texture in the Blender internal !?

does somebody got some infos about it ?

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There are no inbuilt ‘stars’ option for cycles, best option is to find a environment map of stars and use that…

In cycles you can make something similar to the following image:

This is the node setup for the world:

I have added some nodes to get more indirect light in the world. Also I have taken a node group, called Big Dots, from this awesome article:

using the latest SVN and i cannot re make this nodes set up
when i make a group node the input values are all vectors instead of single value
not certain how these new nodes are working right now!

a sample file might help here


I have uploaded it to pasteall.

thanks seems to work
but i don’see any group nodes in your file
is it how you did it
or when i open it i’m loosing the groups in latest SVN ?


Oh yes, I grouped them for the screen shot. It is very similar to the group of the link (BigDots).

but was it included in our sample file

when i open up the file i did not see any group or layout box
so wondering if you did it wihtout group nodes or i’m having a bug in my SVN !


No, I didn’t saved the node group, it is not a SVN error.

elbrujodelatribu, if I append the world you created in an other .blend, I can see the stars only in camera view but if I just open your .blend, I can move and always see the stars. Where does it come from please ?

I think it is due to you are using an orthogonal camera in your blend. I don’t know the reason this works so.

Thanks to @elbrujodelatribu and the others,
this technique is great, really ! I’m not 100% satisfied by thoses stars, even after some tweaking :frowning:

I mean, a painted background would be better anyway !
Voronoi texture is fine, somewhere to create such points, i just found it quite heavy for just a layer of stars.

I tried to start with a voronoi texture and using inverse to get the point white on black background, doesn’t work !? i don’t know why…

EDIT : you’re right, my bad.

If you decide to use a background image, here’s a great star field tutorial:

It’s for Photoshop, but looks easy to adapt to Gimp if you’re a Gimp user :slight_smile:


@Manolo76, then I have no idea about the cause. I have append the world setup in a new file, and it works for me.

@sabba posted a good tutorial. This can be the best option. But I told only the main idea. You can make something similar to that mixing several layers of big_dots textures and a couple of noise texture nodes, …

elbrujodelatribu, I edit my previous post. You’re right. I was convinced that leave the Camera View let the Perspective mode but it lets the previous choosen mode which in my case was the Orthographic mode. I was so obsessed by the background that I don’t notice that mode had changed.

Anyway, nice starting point, thanks :).

As indicated by the last image shown, I don’t know why you would even care about seeing a reimplementation of the old stars feature once you start creating a field procedurally in Cycles.

BI stars was essentially a hack that uses the zbuffer to determine where to draw dots (read, code that was ancient, messy, and was once targeted for removal), doing it the way shown here in Cycles means that it will show up in reflections, show up in glass, be a true 360 star field, allow the creation of various nebulae ect…

like the procedural one
but how to add colors to different dots radomly may be?


Hi, I have made a new version of my procedural stars world settings:

Also you can download it in blendswap.

Basically nodes are divided into 5 groups:

  • Creating galaxies (or colored clouds through a noise texture node)
  • Creating low / high density areas for stars from the previous texture
  • Creating stars
  • Mixing all for background nodes
  • Setting different strengths depending on if rays are camera rays or not, because of this is a world node setup and produce light in the scene

You can find a brief explanation here.