Cycles strand rendering fail

For some strange reason when I render hair out the strands go wild. I have the particles split into quadrants on the scalp. only one quarter of the hair acts up in a render even though it has the same settings as another quadrant. Please help this project has gone on long enough and I’d like to finish asap.

Also the render that looks fine is through the opengl render. The other is the typical cycles method.

If I had to put fifty bucks on it I would guess that your hair system is below your subsurf in the stack, and that preview subsurf was on 1 and render was on 2. If this is the case you have 2 options.

  1. Make render and preview subsurf levels the same.
  2. Move the hair system above the subsurf.

If it’s some other modifier, just move the particle system to the top.

If it’s not that, post the blend.

You are a genius. That fixed everything, although it doesn’t make sense because I had use modifier stack unchecked and the subsuf was above all the particle mods. It doesn’t matter though. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. It looks like a really nice model. Makehuman?

…yes. Guilty as charged. lol

There’s no shame in a makehuman. OK, maybe just a tiny bit of shame. :eyebrowlift: It’s an incredible program. I’ve been working on a human model for like 5 months, which is absurd considering I could do it with makehuman in ~30 minutes.

Good luck.

Thanks and good luck with yours. I’ve tried that a few times and nearly went insane.