Cycles Strand Rendering

Tiger fur


p.s: I played few hours and Blender never crashed. Lot of stuff to test still.

BroadStu,I wasn’t able to reproduce on a simple scene the issue I found,but It’s related I think to some precision problem.
If I lower the camera clipping value to only the region where the object is the issue disappear(the concentric circles are the distance section from the camera point of view)

Awesome work BroadStu!!

I tried out with a character I’m currently working on for work and this is what i got. All the materials are simple diffuse for the moment.
The particle system has 1000 hair particles with 300 children.

This took 4 mins with 200 samples

This took 12:28 mins with the Strand node connected to make the hair transparent on the tip:

I think is pretty good, considering that in BI it takes almost 19 mins per frame to get similar results. :smiley:

But generaly overall look of the hair is much much better then in BI.

Could you elaborate on that?
As much as I’ve seen hair in BI, it was pretty darn terrible. Even dudes working on Sintel had a lot of problems with it, and it took a lot of tweaking to get the result they got.

Here, all images look pretty darn amazing to me.

diude read again. I wrote that this is 100% better then hair from Blender Internal.

Btw… can anyone give some download link of blender, with have this? Because i’m not getting into with those patches… or just explain how…


Holyenigma74 compiled it for Windows with MingW64 CPU only No CUDA or OSL…
There might be others out there that have complied it, but that’s the only one I’ve seen so far.

Sorry about that. My mistake.

Emissive strands with custom colors. @BroadStu - Wouldn’t be the W coordinate, the one you’re naming “intercept”?

svn patch patchfilename.patch
that’s for svn system

hahahahaha guy’s how about remaking UNIVERSAL LOGO?

Thanks Mate, finally got it to work on Windows with turtoiseSVN!

Looks pretty good good from here, much cleaner the BI, but it crashes on me on complete character, will try some more, maybe if I play little more with settings!

Hear is mine quick very quick setup :smiley: of destroyed hair :smiley:

50 samples/

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This hair patch looks great!

Thank you for your work!

Brilliant results guys!

WARNING: I must warn you all not to push it too hard yet though. I’ve had some problems starting windows recently, which concern me. It could be completely unrelated but say if you get something similar (or not). I have installed other software that could be responsible.

@marcoG_ita: The intercept value can definitely be considered as a W texture coordinate. Excellent tiger material btw! Was this made with tangent normal shading?

@renderdemon: I expect it is a precision issue. If you go to custom settings, ensure that exclude encasing is activated and increase the value to about 1.1 does the issue still occur?

The main cause for crashes I know of are due to having `sample as light’ active and using a dynamic bvh causes a slowdown, at times, that I need to solve.

Btw to adjust the resolution I meant the step value under the display' tab (not thedraw’ tab).

To be fair, the use of ´then´ instead of the correct word ´than´ made the sentence somewhat ambigious :stuck_out_tongue: Even I had to read one more time to understand what you meant. Not complaining about grammar or anything, just saying that as much as it´s unfair for someone to attack another for their command of a language when that person is not a native speaker, we must also try to understand that a misunderstanding most often take two parties, and one should always strive to be humble and self-comtemplaing :wink:

Back on topic, this indeed looks much better than BI, and faster too?! :smiley: think Brecht appreciates some help with Cycles getting up to speed in the hair area, so that he can focus on SSS and volume rendering :wink:

did anyone try the build with CUDA?
does it work with CUDA?

I know it works with CPU… just didn’t get a chance to test with GPU…
does it have good speed improvement? (obviously you need a good card vs your CPU and all that :wink:

Anyone with a 560-580 test it yet?
(heck even a 550, i just want to know if it works)

I have tested it with weightpainted vertex groups for the hair and it works…
would like to mix this patch with “dyntopo-slim” branch… just to play with…

sculpt your character, weight paint the vertex groups for your hair,
then render out your image with hair…
just for stills.(no need to retopo that way, just for quick renders not animations)

I am left to wonder how a patch designed for the Cycles engine would cause problems with the OS, because generally a Blender patch wouldn’t be doing anything in the vein of writing to the registry or allocating memory in a way that can’t be recovered by restarting Blender.

One possibility to check, checking the PC for viruses or for recent changes to the Windows registry, the truth is there are some problems that some virus/malware scanners will not be able to pick up compared to others.

As for the fur renders, I do agree on the fact that the output looks a lot better than BI, the strand node, from what I’ve seen in the screenshots, looks to give a bit more control compared to BI as well.

@BroadStu - Thanks! I thought your patch was really early stage, instead seems so powerful and usable. The strand resolution indeed, i found myself it was display, no prob :wink:

No crashes/issues here (for now… :)) The tiger use Accurate mode. Btw, if you can explain a bit the differencies would be a big help. (true normal/tangent/accurate)

Only bug i got is with emissive hair + other mesh light in the scene. Can’t give more details atm.

@holyenigma - Many thanks for the build, i will try the CUDA build tonight. I have a Nvidia 570