Cycles Sub Surface Scatering

New features, time to test 'em out so I subjected Suzanne to another round of rendering. I must say she probably wants a vacation soon!

Thanks everybody, love to see your tests!

Pity cycles SSS doesn’t work with GPU. To save you all painful rendering times(the above image took 37 minuets to render on my i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50Ghz (quad core))I have found what the optimal tile size is:8x8
a test using 8 squares on for each thread gave a 46 min long render time!

I believe Brecht just wanted to get an initial SSS implementation for the CPU done before he expanded it with GPU support and support for plugging bump/normal maps into the SSS node’s normal socket.

As far as I know, Brecht’s been working on removing these limitations, so give it time.

Ok, last test and final render. I will improve more next time… I do love having a SSS shader node in cycles now. Looking forward to the GPU rendering of the SSS node whenever it gets added. This render was 4000 samples on my older computer… Post work in TwistedBrush for the background and tying some features together…

does anyone know how to remove that bluish tint when you try to do the sss. It’s making it hard to make a realistic skin shader.

i think the bluish tint is due the light falloff… (i THINK.)
u can color correct by using the RGB curve node…

You raise the samples value very high and change the blue radius (one on the bottom) to some thing less (warning: This tip is purely theoretical).

@ digman
Nice Render!
Very interesting node tree too:)

@ Ace Dragon
Yes, I know that Brecht intends to add SSS to GPU, hopefully very soon.