Cycles test - Drinking Glass

Hello! This was my first time using Cycles. Just ignore the fact that the top of the glass is square, i noticed that just now lol.

I thought it went pretty well. I didn’t know how EASY cycles was until i tried it. ;D

457 Cycles/Samples
9 Hours

9 hours? What’s your pc specs?


I’m not sure about all the specs but…

Single Core

Aww well, the “single core” justifies the 9 hours long render. :slight_smile:


Are you sure your normals are point in the right direction?

The black edges? Might also be too dim of an environment/world color, or lack of transmission depth.

I’v been trying to figure out that problem. But then again i’m new to Blender so it may just be a simple fix.

World backrgound what is it color? is it black maybe?

Well, glass needs something to refract/reflect. This is okay because its just a plane. If there were an environment, lighting, etc. it would look fine.

Oh okay, btw, in most “Cycles” tutorials, cycles looks different on there computer. I’v been un-able to figure this out, got any ideas?

1.)Push up the raydepth!
2. Push the color of the glass-shader to maximum brightness