Cycles test

(raylight75) #1

I want to share some of my render which i made for my work and in my spare time to test materials and lightining in Cycles, I’m currently working in designconnected.
Nothing special some nice models from our website, some compozition,DOF
You can see models in our website


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(VickyM72) #2

Brilliant work! :spin: Someone feature this please! :smiley:

(raylight75) #3

I don’t no but i can post only 3 imagesq here another 3.

(JoolsMcFly) #4

First two images are too white IMHO, I mean, white is too powerful, too bright. Tone that down and it’s perfect.

(harleynut97) #5

Really looks nice… I checked out the designconnected website too…great selection of real well modeled and textured furniture.

(Bhavin) #6

Amazing renderings, really good work.

(James Candy) #7

I agree, this is feature-worthy work!
I really like the placement of objects in the scene, and everything is lit and composited very nicely.
I do agree that the highlights are a little overblown on a couple shots, but maybe that’s how you like them. To each his own!

If I may ask, is the DOF in the chess close-up calculated in-camera, or is it composited in post?
Fantastic materials, by the way.

(str9led) #8

very realistic work, you will see That you have done and exactly, if you bought the models on this page, or simply you are an author and you want to promote your work, render amazing

(raylight75) #9

-James DOF is calculated by camera
-str9led as I said above i work in the company, I do not look like advertising. But I had to say it.
About questions
The models are modeled ​​by my colleagues, I just wanted to test our models in Blender and Cycles.
I wanted to show that free software especially Blender and Cycles with good models is good enough for rendering compared with commercial
software like Max,Modo,Maya etc.

(JoolsMcFly) #10

Render with chess on the f/g is just fab.

(raylight75) #11

tnanks Jool, Here is the DOF settings I think there is nothing special

(Lell) #12

I know design connected. My studio bought a lot of models. They are really well done. But there is no Blender version with Cycles materials. So, now that you demonstrated how Cycles is good, when do they start produce also this format? Probably there is no market enough?

Though, really nice renders!

(alan.zirpoli) #13

awesome! I was starting to say that the fornitures looks like the one of designconnected, then i read!! what about the shader of the chair in the second image? can you share a screen of the node editor?
In the first image i belive it should be some bloom effect with all that strong white light from the outside!

I thought the same thing of Lell, then i read his post too…

(raylight75) #14

We currently offer models in a format FBX and obj that can be used in Blender, we don’t have shader for cycles at the moment but we constantly doing tests for other file formats
and that is the reason for this test above.
We will discuss every file format for the market carefully not only for Blender and Cycles.
Alan.zirpoli here is node editor screen

(Alain) #15


Great to hear that a designconnected-guy works with Blender in his Sparetime :wink:

It would be fantastic if you would offer your models also with Cycles-Materials.

I guess you have seen Lechu’s new Website with great models for Blender:

Designconnected and Lechu should work together and sell all modells for Blender as well. It would boost the interest in Blender in the commercial archviz industry to it’s limit :slight_smile:

Kind regards

(ejnaren) #16

Very inspiring. Good job. Nice models too… I think I am going to use a couple for my next Arch viz

(ThorntonStrolia) #17

i disagree completely. this is a high exposure effect used VERY often in interior design scenes. in my opoinion this shows a higher understanding of lighting and closer attention to small contrast.

(cekuhnen) #18

Cycles is so over rated…

NOT! Great renderings I like the way how the wood turned out. There however is still a slight bump missing
as the wood reflection looks to smooth!

Great soft lighting!

(ctdabomb) #19

wonderful stuff :smiley:

(Wootie11) #20

Nice, nice job! Very beautiful, and I hardly believe that is just a test! Very inspiring, I really like the floor, I’ve never seen anything like that before! Keep up the good work, the community is lucky to have you!

Btw, if this is not too much to ask, would you mind posting your node setup for the plants? I am just blown away with their realism, and I’d like to make my own.