Cycles texture bake artifact

Can anyone help me understand why this problematic faces appear when baking cycles material to texture? Doesn’t seem like it shows up in the viewport rendering.

Check out the image, as you can see the highlighted faces are the problem when backing but in the render preview everything shows up as correctly. Anyone has any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

For anyone interested, this happens only for torus (as far as I can tell) and one simple fix if you manually UV unwrap with seams and everything is to smooth shade the torus. Don’t know why that fixes it but it does. And if you use the auto UV unwrap from the F6 menu immediately after creating the torus, the smooth shade doesn’t fix one of the faces so you might have to manually fix it in the UV editor. One of the faces is upside down or mirrored or something like that in the UV layout for some reason. What I’ve found is that even if you fix it, you still have to have smooth shade on otherwise the artifact persists.

I just encountered the exact same problem on a cube that is subdivided a few times. One face seems to be rotated when you bake out the texture. It does not appear in any preview mode, and all normals are fine.