Cycles texture baking result is black

So i baked the materials of my gun and some of the baked images are almost fully black, while others baked perfectly normal. My model is made out of 1 object, with 11 materials. The normals seem to be ok, i also recalculated them a few times and the uv maps are good too. I dont know whats causing this, pls help

Is it possible that you are trying to bake parts who are not receiving light?

no, because i checked the whole model in the render preview, and as you can see in the image i attached, everything is pretty bright and receives enough light.

So, no internal parts then… And all unwraps are correct?

yep i checked it multiple times, and it happened not only on this model

do you have discord? If yes pls send me your username so i can send you my model. Appreciate your help a lot.

Sadly not. But you can share by message on my profile if you prefer.

it says that new members cant attach files, but i made a download link

and here is the hdr im using

Just a moment, I am baking your cookies.

Well, i did not try yet, but I have a clue that all materials you could not bake are from those who are metallic and I think that to bake textures they should be diffuse materials. I will test here, but its too much of a coincidence.

Baking again.

That was it. You need to turn all objects diffuse before baking the textures.

oh ok thank you so much, im gonna try it now :heart: :heart:

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I had issues with this for months, because i need to bake the textures for a game. THANKS!

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Glad to help. Can you mark as solved? Thank you in advance.

it worked :grin:

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I am really glad!