Cycles texture coloring

I have added a musgrave texture to Material.001 . I want the main color of the material to be 733D1A (Hex) ,which I have added with a diffuse shader.And I want to change the “noise” caused by the texture to another color ( a black-ish one).
How can I do that?
By changing the diffuse shader with the “733D1A” color,it affects both the main color and the texture one.

Also is there a link for the blender cycles nodes except from these 2?

I wanna learn more about the other categories.

Thanks in advance!


Old Haunted Manor.blend (1.03 MB)

plug the musgrave (factor output) into a color ramp node, set the black and white colours to be your min / max variation colours that you are after.

I can’t get it to work.What am I doing wrong here?
I cut off the strings of some nodes to the end,but I connect them before rendering.Can’t get the color ramp to work.