cycles texture is backwards

I am trying to create a soda bottle in cycles. I found a cola label online and uv’d it on my model. But the texture appears backwards! I checked normals among a few other things, but what am I missing?


pepperbottle.blend (788 KB)

Scale your UV down until it flips.

Or, much easier, select your UV map and press S, X, -1, [RETURN]

Agree with above, in the UV Image Editor, with your mesh projected and selected, hit ‘S’ immediately followed by ‘X’ and finally ‘-1’. This will essentially mirror your mesh.

I had a weird situation with this. :confused:
I flipped the uv’s but nothing happened at first. But somewhere in a menagerie of actions including reapplying a solidify modifier I got the image in right direction…

You have to tab back into object mode to make the change take effect.