Cycles texture maps

Ok, so it seems that while Blender internal is still useful for some rendering qualities, Cycles is a much better rendering engine when it comes to ray tracing and realistic lighting effects. However, there are many things that can be used in Blender internal, or rather I should say, that need to be used in Blender internal to create more realistic effects. Such things include texture maps. Whether they are bump maps, AO maps, Displacement maps, Spec maps, etc.

Now to my question. Of these things that you would normally use in Blender internal, what is transferable to Cycles and what is not, and for those that are not, what are the techniques for applying these effects in Cycles?

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I finally found the answers to my question. As usual, if you keep digging you will eventually strike oil.
Here is a link to a Youtube video explaining how to apply each of these textures in Cycles.