Cycles Texture Paint Problem

I’m trying to texture pain using cycles, and it’s not showing up in the render. If I select Texture in the 3D view port the painting shows up, but when I switch back to Render only the original image shows. none of the paint work I’ve done shows in the render.

I’m hoping I’m just missing something small. I’ve been making great progress on this project, and would like to paint in a little more detail.

Thank you for any help you can provide,

I sometimes see the same thing. One of this two approaches almost always help:

  • The texture you painted on must be saved, as Cycles uses the file from the disk
  • Try changing mode (object) and view mode (solid), some times the render does not pick up the changes correctly, especially when you have done something strange with you node.

To check further you can render one or two samples to see if you have set up your nodes wrong or if it is simply a problem with the rendered view.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll simplify my node set up first to see if that is the problem. I’ll try the other tips as well. Thank you!

No go. Do I need to make a separate node from the image node for it to work? my original image is saved do I need to somehow save the changes I’m making in blender to the original texture image?

No, but make sure that in your node set up you have not the original file selected but the actual one you are drawing on.

So paint it in texture mode-save the updated texture then open the updated image in the image node?

Just making sure I have the process clear.

You got it.

will it work going from BI texture paint mode to cycles? Thinking of the different maps you can make with that.