Cycles - Texturing - Front/Back - Two side different texturing of a single plane

In Blender Internal, there is a very nice feature wherein I can do different textures on different side of a plane. Using nodes you can use Front/Back vector

Is there such way in Cycles also? The Texture Node is missing out on the Front/Back Vector option.


Use Mix Closure with Geometry node, backfacing output connect to Mix Fac input.

Thanks can you detail it with a snapshot. As a novice, it is difficult to understand this.

Also I created two UVs but even when I choose one image for the first one and the second image for the second UV, the first UV also switches to the second UV. Looks like some bug with Cycles

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Thanks. I liked your approach. Just wanted to know how would you correct the UV Mapping of image. Object Data - > UV Map section is not behaving the way it should behave. I created two UV Maps but the moment I give an image to second one, the first one also gets mapped to the second UV’s image.

My project is creating a currency with front and back. The front mapped correctly but the back is mapped horizontally flipped. Have to correct that.

Although I can flip using the texture transformation but Blender Internals I could use Object Data, create two UV’s for same plane, while choosing one UV, I could correct it’s positioning in the UV Window and have greater control

I dont know if this is what you mean, but you can have 2 UV’s and use the attribute node to select the UV you want to use. You can also rotate, scale… each UV individual.



When you click on the different UV names in Object Data, does it change the image? I created front and chose front.jpg for it and then created back and chose back.jpg. But the moment I did that, front UV was also showing linked to back.jpg


Just click on the UV in object data AND also on the image texture node. It should change in the UV/Image Editor as well


Thanks a ton. It worked. So now I know how to do it in Blender Internal and Cycles.

I am trying with Yafaray but it is not working at all. Node is Geometry with UV Mapping instead of Attribute, which is for Cycles only

The moment am choosing Blender Internal, it is rendering perfectly correct. But Yafaray Renderer isn’t doing two-sided texturing with the same Node Setting

thanks for posting this guys, I needed this as well:)