Cycles tiling the entire frame when using Layers

I’m not a techno which is the reason for me asking. When using Layers why does cycles have to tile the entire frame for every Layer. Is there something wrong in my settings. Let me also add I’m using Denoising for two Layers. Is it something simply unavoidable or could it be corrected. I mean I’m using Mask Layer but still watching Cycles tiling the entire frame adding to render times.

I most probably didn’t understand the question correctly but here it goes. Cycles can’t know once it begins rendering process on each individual Layer which particular tiles of the image contain objects that you need to have rendered so it just proceeds to render the whole screen space or in other cases the space that you have isolated with set render border tool beforehand. Sooo… I don’t believe this is your fault, it’s just how the Cycles Engine works and I think it’s for the best.

Thanks MediumSolid. I think you pretty well summed it up since I’ve tried every conceivable setting. It might well be the only way it can work. And 22 seconds or so is something you would only notice when attempting to animate. But, Cycles does allow us to set a lower number of samples on any given layer maybe offsetting some of that. I’ve only recently started using the layer system so it was it was my first time realizing it. Once again thanks.