Cycles to BI render engine conversion

Hi all,

I am currently working on a short animation clip of about 5 mins. So far I have been using the Cycles engine to model my scene. However, the render time will be way too long. That’s why I’ve decided to convert to the Internal Blender Render engine. Is there a way to keep all the materials and textures? Or do I have to apply these all over again? I do see the materials in the material property tab with “Node <none>” behind them.
I am new to Blender and have only worked with Cycles so far. I hope this info is sufficient. If not, let me know =)


Just start the materials from scratch

ouch, switching back to BI you probably need to redo the mats. since they differ so much.

but haven’t you checked out the options to renderfarm render your 5min animation?

is one alternative, I think there are more. Gonna look better Cycles rendered :wink: and you save yourself time in the long run by not
redo the mats in BI and then render it yourself in BI.

Just as I feared :s Anyway, thanks for your replies! seems really promising. However, the register button on the registration page doesn’t seem to work. Anyone has a solution? Or maybe an alternative?


Can’t seem to register with =( The registration button doesn’t work. Anyone got any alternatives?
Thanks for the replies!

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