Cycles to Eevee

Now that 2.80 has reached beta, I figured I’d take a more serious look at Eevee, but I’m struggling particularly with lighting. Whilst there are some conversion issues with materials, I can figure them out, but the lighting has got me flumoxed.

I’ve gone back to old faithful as my experimental scene. Here are both an (older)cycles render and my best efforts alone with Eevee. Whilst the Eevee render is not horrible, neither is it anything like good. The cycles render is older, and not as good as my latest, but it’s a several hours render and I wanted to find one in the same resolution so as not to mess up the comparison (my usual renders are done at 2560x1440).

There’s a lot wrong with my Eevee lighting, and after a lot of adjusting, this is the best I can get to, so tips, tricks, things I’m obviously doing wrong, or even a link to a current tutorial (all those I can find are based on alpha versions, and no longer current), please:



Let me guess, you are using an HDRI.
In that case, could you try to turn off HDRI, and environment light, and only work with lamps/sun/spots, etc.
What is the outcome of that? Or what difficulties do you still encounter?

In case you baked with HDRI/ environment light, you need to bake again without it.

I do have an HDRI, but turning it off just gets me a muted image. I need to learn about eevee lighting first, which is where I’m drawing a blank on current tutorials.

The cycles scene uses portals, which I understand are a no-go in eevee, but there is a sun light which is failing to cast shadows.

I usually work and learn by experimentation, and had to fix some textures because of this (the couch leather did NOT translate well, becoming just a while blob. It seems lacunarity on the musgrave texture has to be lower than 2), but the lighting, even without HDR is stumping me, especially shadows and bounce lights.

EDIT: As a test, I turned the HDRI off completely. Exactly the same render.

Take a look at this post: