Cycles to Octane Render material converter


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I’m looking for someone to create a material converter add-on. I’m working on Octane Render plugin for Blender and I need a Cycles-Octane material converter. Most needed features are:

  • Create “Octane Image Texture” node, based on Cycles “Image Texture” node and automatically plugging it in “diffuse” slot in Octane Shader,
  • copying values of Specular, Roughness and IOR from Principled BSDF to Octane Glossy Shader,
  • copying object smoothness to Octane Shader slot,
  • optionally: creating “Image Texture” or “Float Image Texture”(this one is the same as non-color data) nodes for roughness, specular, bump and normal maps and plugging them in Octane Shader slots.

Is anyone capable of creating such add-on?
What can be estimated price for such script?

I’m attaching Cycles Principled BSDF with Octane Glossy Shader for those, who haven’t seen Octane Render inside Blender.

(SoulToSqueeze) #2

Thank you guys for the offers, I have already found a man for this job.

(gwiley23) #3

Hi, has there been any progress on this addon / a location to purchase it?

(SoulToSqueeze) #4

Hi, The man I hired for creating the add-on was Mr. Aditia A. Pratama. The converter is open-source and available for download and development here:

Also, please consider supporting ths guy on his patreon, as he is still developing this add-on :slight_smile:

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