Cycles transparent node interfering with sss?

So I’ve searched and searched but I can’t find and answer to my question and I am hoping someone here can help.

I am using Daz genesis 3 and when I set up my sss for the skin it seems like the transparency of the eyelashes is causing some weird color error…?

It only seems to happen with the sss on the skin and when I use diffuse nodes it goes away…

I have a simple floor (white plane) and the lighting is from a hdri map.


That’s very strange and I can’t reproduce your issue.
Are you rendering on GPU or CPU ?
Have you tried other files as alpha maps ?
Can you upload your file if you didn’t find a solution ?

This can be a bug or your mask has some artifacts.

Share your file and textures with the development team to help them figure what is going on, and in the meanwhile, mix the sss and the diffuse with the ‘Is Camera ray’ as factor (if you need it right away)