Cycles - Tweaking Ambient Occlusion

Is a “Correct” way to tweak AO in Cycles? I enabled the AO Pass to add the Ambient occlusion in the compositing, but at the moment i multiply the AO and the render, everything that is in black AO background get black.I’m using a procedural texture BTW, the sculpt has a lot of polygons to unrwap and bake.Is there the better way to tweak the AO? Or even a workaround to the Multiply

The node Setup is something like this(

Seems to work as intended here:

You did render your scene with Film set to transparent, yes?


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Yes, it works fine, but i have a background, and when i multiply by de AO, the black part in AO darkens my background render.

Without multiply

With multiply

With Film>Transparency On

I want to keep the background and the AO Tweaked, there’s anyway to mask thing to show de BG in that transparent area?

Thank you

Enable the Environment pass and “Alpha Over” the object with the tweaked AO on top of that:

Instead of the Environment pass you could of course also use an image file as backplate…


Thank you, i was messing with nodes and the alpha over approach was the gran finale. I Could Achive the desired results now. Worked like a charm ! :grin: