cycles Uber material,Sky material Sample scene

I made a sample scene to use Cycles Shaders and sky texture.
The scene includes Uber material,Sky material,
set upped Suzanne with textures and Camera rig.

The Uber material has a Diffuse and two Glow shaders mixed under Fresunel.
The mixng is automatically controlled with one Roughness parameter.

Roughness map works like this.

With Displacement map.

Curently,Displacement map is used only as bump map.
It adds direction but no height.
So you can add detail ambient occlusion map,optionally.

And Color map.

Color map effects falls with lower roughness,but detailAO doesn’t.

So remove detail shadings from color map and multiply them to detailAO.

The Sky material blends two sky textures by Cloud mask map.
And the Sun(emitted sphere) object adds crisp highlight.
The Sun object tracks sky texture’s direction,but drivers has a bug that didn’t detect
updating sun_direction value.
So you must select object"sun_vector_target",open driver’s graph, then click on/off "Show Debug Info"check box to update value.

I updated the Zip file.
Now the sample includes Liquid Material and camera rig.

Liquid Material blends Glass and Grossy nicely,And has two extra Attributes.
IORsep changes IOR by spectrum,that makes rainbow.
opacity blends Translucent.

Camera rig

Wow! That is very generous of you to take the time to set up these scenes, as well as to explain the various materials and how they function within the shading system!
The scene and especially the materials look great! I will be playing with this today.
Thank you, ekakiya!

great job!!

very very impressive. Thanks for sharing!

I don’t want to sound like a noob or anything but how did you get an “uber” material?

Thanks, it is really useful !
@konradtacular : by grouping nodes.