Cycles: Using compsiting to get rid of noise

I tried to add a bilateral blur node with 5 iterations.
Original(10 passes):

After composting:

apart the fact that the original didn’t have too much noise, the result after compositing is way too blurred!

We need a noise reduction node - which might be bad news as noise reduction supposedly is a tricky business, not necessarily easy to find a FOSS solution to that, ready for implementation… :frowning:

I agree with lsscpp

I’m actually changing my mind in this. There are some really good denoisers out there, though written for the Gimp plugin API… Lets hope someone takes one of those and ports it to Blender - or even better, makes a Gimp-plugin node, that would be beyond awesome to be able to use Gimp plugins directly in the Compositor… That should be possible, right? :smiley:

Just look like a kit like this, to be able to load the filters directly into the compositor…

That’d be über-awesome :slight_smile:

On Blender podcast the suggestion was that we should not include premade kits from other apps like GIMP. I think that the argument was that we should not replicate the function of other apps. And the code may not be readily maintainable anyway. But filters seem to be in a different class, a plugin architecture would be so useful.

Yeah, a single specific node to ‘convert’ the Gimp API to the Blender node API would be a simpler solution than just hoping for people to start porting filters to the Blender Compositor…

Frame serve to gimp?

Gottfried, you’re awesome, and it’s nice to see you here too. I watched a Diplom tutorial yesterday and got my socks rocked off. I love what you do! (Cool accent, too. On your next vid, you should do the classic line from “Dr. Strangelove”: “Yes, but there’s just one thing I don’t understand; the entire point of building the Doomsday Machine is lost… IF YOU KEEP IT A SECRET!!! Why didn’t you tell the WHOLE WORLD, hey!!!” :D)

Cycles got a new noise reduction feature

Sorry to resurect this thread but the new roadmap seems to suggest that Pynodes are coming soon. More compositing flexibiltiy, perhaps more realistic porting of filters?

I agree as well, not a good method imo.

Noise reduction is something that needs to work reliably over time, otherwise you’ll just get lots of splotches in your animation rather than just moving noise. These things aren’t easy to implement, and many existing methods are not able to solve all noise issues elegantly.