Cycles UV textured render has dark bands

Help please does anyone know what’s causing these dark bands across this Uv image .
It happens on both revision 41206 and 40422.



I had this same problem in all versions I downloaded cycles.
It seems that nobody knows help me.
I’m waiting for answers here.

I found when I had that problem I had the normals backwards. Make sure the menu that pops up when you hit N is up then while in edit mode find the section called Mesh Display and turn on faces and set it high enough for you to see the normals well and make sure all the blue lines stick out in the same direction.

To change one select the face and on the menu on the right (if it’s not there press T) and choose Flip Direction.

Hope that helps!

I think this is not the problem.
We are using plans, no need to calculate the normal.

I’m sure it’s a bug in the builds that I downloaded. The image will render out fine with blender internal.
Maybe this will be fixed when Cycles is put into trunk next week, at least thats what I read somewhere when it’s going in.

I downloaded 2.60.0 r41253 last night from graphicall.organd I’m not having that problem. You may want to give that a shot if you are running a 64 bit system.

Okay, looks like you can scratch that revision. I just hit a point and it’s making the whole object black >.<

It seems to work fine with other texture files though. :frowning:

Upon thinking about it further, Have you tried changing the format of the image to something else? It could be a minor error when the image was loaded into cycles. I’ll try converting mine from .png to . jpg later if I have time to see if it works.