Cycles vertex shader nodes?

Do you think vertex shaders nodes are possible/good for Cycles? I’d like to make some random deformations to rocks I’ve got duplicated across a surface. The rocks are called from a particle instance, and would like to randomize the rock vertecies. In GLSL, you have vertex shaders and fragment (pixel) shaders. Just thought it might be a good idea.

Waht you think?

I could be mistaking what you are asking for but I think you should look into the new Cycles micro poly displacement.

Particles in Blender are kinda fixed, you’ll need to create several instances by hand and group them for use in the particle system.

The issue for now though is that instances are not properly supported yet (there’s a reason why the feature is still in the experimental category).

Technically, you can use microdisplacement on instances, but they will not be treated as instances and as a result you end up with very high memory usage.