Cycles Viewprt render was crashing a lot for the RC candidates while adjust nodes.

It’s already been reported and a fix was committed but the bug is totally random and I can’t just sit in front of my computer all day for a week randomly adjusting nodes trying to see if the fix is good so this thread is meant to supplement the official bug report here. So that’s what this thread is about, more eyes on this is better.
This may have just been a problem with OSX so I’m not sure about Linux and Windows.

The 2.71 downloads should be fine so long as the commit solved this. For me, it was only RC1 and RC2 but I have not had time to check the newest builds.

If Cycles crashes while you have the Viewport active, please make a note of it here.

Here is the official tracker report.


EDIT:Atom brings up a good point, this may have only affected CPU rendering, not GPU.

I have not had any crashes using RC1 or RC2 or the official release. Did you check the Fan log for your GPU for over heating?

A forum thread is never, EVER a better place to discuss bug reports. Any such discussion if not done properly is not bound to be very fruitful to get a fix, and will only contribute to more confusion and frustration unless reported back to the bug report with a clear procedure to reproduce. Also don’t expect developers to start digging threads for reproducable cases.

EDIT - OK that was needlessly harsh. Discussing bugs and trying to reproduce them is not actually bad and I should not be discouraging it. I will leave this text here as an example of how people can be douchebags sometimes. It’s already been filed and patched. I’m hoping that other people can confirm that it’s good so the issue can be closed.

If you have a problem with my behavior then report me to the moderators.

I was using CPU rendering and I have two different temperature monitors going. One of my fans started making some odd noises a couple months ago, I’m not taking any chances that it might silently fail.

It just occured to me that stating that I was using CPU rendering would have been very relevant to the bug report and to this thread. Thanks Atom, I’ll have to pay more attention to these subtle details in the future.

Right…this was me on a tense mood, and an apology is needed here. Too often I see bugs not being reported and ending up endlessly discussed on forums and I thought I’d try to prevent this again, though after thinking about it I don’t see why discussing a bug would be bad at all - unless not reported of course, which wasn’t the case here.

Again my apologies…

Funny that people in Greece also say douche-bag, that’s popular in Canada as well. I guess it’s universally funny…(Earthiversally funny??)

Apology accepted of course.

Just replied to the bug tracker page with my observations (trying to write usable information like I’m supposed to).

I’m not going to repeat on this thread since this forum is technically the wrong place for that, read the tracker page if you want to find out.