Cycles Volumetrics Tests (Post Yours!)

For some reason the preview image looks totally jacked up, the video isn’t like that though.

SSS and Volumetrics. 3k samples/frame. 720p.

Interestingly at first, the render time per frame was about 3 hours using DingTo’s build from a little while ago. Took about a month and a half long break, came back to render and render times were cut in half, to about an hour and a half per frame, even using one less core (five of six). The top left light wasn’t rendering once I switched builds I’m assuming due to changes in code, but still cool nonetheless. My genuine gratitude for all developers that have been working hard on this.

Bottom image with volumetrics done in 18 mins, top without volumetrics done in 12. Both at 640x360, 2k samples. Core i7 3930k rendered on 5 cores (one saved to use comp while rendering).

With the volume density turned up a bit. 2k samples I think…

Let’s get some cool scenes up in here!

Thats gross…

And well done!

Woaw, nice ! The sound effects are over the top but whatever, great render !

Great stuff, but for consistency you should consider moving this to the ‘blender tests’ section.

Wow really good, could pass or even better than some “organic virus infection” vfx shots you see in tv-series.