Cycles vs Blender Internal

I set up my last model I created (and had previously rendered in Blender Internal) and compared it to a new cycles render. The results are here…

Seems to me that cycles displays a much stronger bump map (which I like) than Blender Internal. I used my CPU because the GPU ran outta ram rendering this (my GPU has 1 gb) and it took about 24 minutes with 70 passes.

Because of the RAM limitations and lack of features I’ll probably stick with BI for a while, even though I like cycles. I’ll wait for another release or two for some updated features and stuff.

High Res:

it’s the same model right? I can’t believe how much better it looks in cycles. I mean the face looks better, more photo realistic. maybe cycles has some better built in lens distortion that makes it look more real.

I personally think the BI looks better. The cycles render looks good as well, but the look of the BI just seems more real. I think work on both of them could improve the result. Reflections could use some work on the BI and the cloth could be tweaked in the cycles render.

Until Cycles has hair rendering, volumetrics, SSS, render layers, etc I don’t see it as anywhere near production ready. Unless you consider rendering metals and glass as all you need.

cycles materials look odd, did you use “add shader” nodes?

I prefer the BI one, on the cycles one everything looks to shiny and fuzzy imho.

I’d start with plain diffuse materials render, then try to mix in some gloss