Cycles Vs EEVEE

I’m experimenting with Blender’s new real-time rendering engine EEVEE, for Indie movies, web series, and short films. not only that but I’m working on photorealism, VFX, motion tracking, particle effects and simulations, and much more all done in Eevee. for example here’s a comparison with the all-new Laka logo for 2019 the top will be cycles the bottom is Eevee. who will win this round EEVEE, or stick with Cycles in your opinion?



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Seems like way too much bloom in the EEVEE render for my taste. Don’t like the washed-out look relative to the original.

It’s difficult to compare. Maybe you could try to adjust the lighting for both so that brightness and contrast are more similar?

i think different render engine for different conditions, the first eevee has speed advantage, especial for volume render.

To my way of thinking, it’s not quite fair to compare the two renders if the only thing that you changed is the renderer-type, because the parameters and algorithms between the two are not-at-all the same. You’re comparing radishes with cumquats.