Cycles vs EEVEE

Trying to figure out why there is such a big difference between two…!

EEVEE, glass from glass thread on BA

Is there a way to achieve correct refractions in EEVEE?

Did you bake indirect lighting and reflection cubemaps? If not try baking and compare.

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Just tryed to bake indirect lighting, no difference at all. (

Result with P BSDF only (whithout mixing with transparent as in this thread)

mode: Alpha hashed

Are you using HDRI for environment lighting? That doesn’t produce shadows in Eevee.

Yes, but without HDRI I got the same results…
HDRI power 0.5, only for reflections, main light from 3 area lamps
PBSDF with transmission set to 1
Alpha Hashed

Alpha Blend

Strange artefacts in this mode

Sorry, that’s all my guesses without a .blend file. Maybe @eklein could help you out better.

Have you tried this free Eevee glass material by @chippwalters?


Here is the result with this material

removed liquid from the bottle

Eevee is better suited if you are ready to invest a lot of time to use tricks, to bake, etc. If you want something that just works in any conditions and your time is more important to save than your machine time, a path tracer like Cycles is better suited and it will also always be able to deliver better quality. On top, if used well, their are many scenarios were a path tracer can render faster than Eevee.


I’ve put my model to scene from gumroad file, it looks much better

I think I need adjust my light setup)


With highly reflective materials like metal and glass, a strong environment to reflect (and refract) can make a whole lot of difference. Usually a combination of scene elements, scene lights and HDRI environment works best.

But I agree with @bliblubli that a path tracer like Cycles is generally better suited for realistically refracting glass. Eevee is meant for fast renderings, which is usually really beneficial if you have to render a lot of high-resolution animation frames.


Next one)))
An Icecream, sculpted, procedural textures.


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Another round)
An old model revisited)



The EEVEE one looks fine. Great even.

…until you see the cycles one.