Cycles vs Vray - problem with cycles :)

Hello guys,

I decided to do quick test with cycles and vray.
This is the final output:

vray + Gi (15 min, 2x xeon)

cycles (2 min - 1k samples, 2x titan)

I marked with the arrows my only problem.
Why refl of the windshield does not mach the windshiled (its brighter and on vray is the same)? For me it looks not natural/correct.

Is it me or there is something wrong?
btw Cycles is great anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

up: seems to be related to glossy bounces. Is there a way to fix it?

Could you show us the node setup for the Cycles material?
What I find curious in the Cycles render is that strong magenta coloured tint on the door:

Any idea where that might come from?

Yeah this is from HDR :slight_smile: so its fine. (cray car has a bit different angle so we don’t see it)

now try octane and watch those titans fly

reC, thas what I want to try :wink: Is the octan well integrated to blender?

see for yourself

make sure you have octane server running too before you push the render button

Yeah problem is I am using osx :confused: there is no demo for it :frowning:

ok so the problem was me :slight_smile:
I used the coat as add material, when i use mix shader its fine!
this is cycles 1 min render

I hadn’t got exactly the problem from images, but good to know everything is fine!

See now why I asked you to show us the node setup for that material in my first post? :wink:

:slight_smile: yeah you right…
I was doing also test with other renderers.
pls check it here

so this is Maxwell 45 min

this is octane 2 min on gtx 780:

and my Cycles 1min 41 sec on 2xtitan (amazing)!

frosted glass is bit dark, but still it might be issue with my shading skills :slight_smile:

No caustics in octane?

Wait… if Octane was 2 min on a single 780 then that renderer is twice as fast as Cycles. Is that right?

Just saying: The dark frosted glass is probably because of energy losses resulting from questionable microfacet fresnel in Cycles, not because of a wrong shader.

You did quick test, why didnt use then Vray RT Gpu render ?