Cycles weird effect

Hello all.
I have a question.
I have a problem with the rendering, there are some white dots in the scene and the green cube does look a bit weird.
How can i solve this or did i do something wrong?
Ty, already.
(I’ve uploaded the .blend file as well with this post)
]test2.blend (1.09 MB)

I change something:
Don´t use pointlamps.
Use HDR image for lightning if possible
Use clamp setting in Sampling
Switch of caustics if you don´t need.
Two boxes are in the bottom and you get strange shadows then.
Picture is clear in 500 samples.

Blend with HDR image:

You have to unpack image.

Cheers, mib.

That dots looks like very rare cases where precision exceed CPU register capabilities, and such cases not guarded by threshold tricks. So, it is bug, but very hard to fix. For now, use post-pro filter. I have idea how to beter catch such cases, add debug code to alarm user and dump ray path variables to console when pixel brightness too high, and then maybe get hints where exactly in code it happens. But it take too many time, maybe later.

Oh, I switch to GPU immediately and don´t test on CPU but get also hotpixel with original file.
Test this later on CPU and report here.

Cheers, mib.
EDIT: No white pixel with my setup, CPU or GPU.

Ty, so much.
It all helped me a lot.