Cycles went berserk?

I have a strange problem … all used to work fine, but nowm if I open blender and end up with the usual standard view etc, it doesn’t seem to render properly? I can change colors of my diffuse node fine, but if I attach a texture jpg to it, i get a fine preview of the material, textured and all … but it wont show up on the basic cube? it just darkens accordingly, but using the interactive renderer or final rendering … it remains just colored without texture? Why would it suddenly do this even after a complete restart of blender?

You have to unwrap the cube (create an UV map) before you can see textures on it.


Okay … I feel extremely stupid now :confused: sorry. Thanks much!

It happened to me too, that’s why I know that sometime it’s easy to forget.


This happens to me too often to admit! Maybe it would be possible to have a little symbol next to the object in the outliner indicating whether it has ben unwrapped or not.

This could actually be a pretty useful idea.
I’m used to export to Maxwell render, which returns an error if an object has textures but no UV maps, so my inadvertence costs me a lot of time, but it can be even worse if one starts a render in cycles and then hours later he realizes the mistake.

We could also think of a even stronger signal.
Cycles indicates a texture not found with the color magenta, perhaps it might report in a similar manner the lack of a UV map if materials have textures.