Cycles will have a Material library?

hello blenderheads!
My questions is cycles will have a material library?
is planned in the future have a library? other software have one and for example luxion keyshot is realtime render and you have to pay 2000 dollars for this software and is not as half as good that blender and cycles…any news about this?
can be nice to have at least basics materials that later we can create our own, or maybe an add-on or we can download online and install add-on material library?
blender never had a library but can be nice to have one window/tab only for materials…

is not nice that in every project you have to create the same material over and over again…


i might do some basic mat in a script soon

but not certain if this will be with 100 of material
may be be 1 or 2 douzen cause this use a lot of scripting space!


If you b-select all material node tree and Ctrl-G it and Tab and name it also, you already have a library element which could be imported in another file as a Group in node editor. So, make one file with default planes, different node groups assigned, and that could be your private material library.
Not so fashionable, but kinda works.

A material library with some good ones integrated in Blender has always been a dream of many people.
The only thing that came close to it was this addon :

I think befor this happens we need a preview node for cycles so that you will be able to see the properties of the material you are taking out of the library. I have heard small talk of having one connected to the internet, but I don’t know if that will actually happen.